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September 2021 Mini Update

Tier 1 skin mutations now give +2 HP, and tier 2 now give +3 HP. This increases max HP.

Current events as of August 2020

  • The Weyland-Utani Building has opened up a new floor. Rumor has it experimental firearms and other oddities, including some things sought after by the Abom Nation, can be found by those willing to take on WU's private army.
  • Player pickings been "temporarily" disabled.
  • Non-primary damage on guns no longer scale with the gun's bonus damage. What this means is that elemental ammo does less damage. Shotguns are exempt for this "for now". 3766 on *changelog-public if you are curious about this one in particular.
  • There is a new HP system. New characters start with 25 hp and gain HP each mutation slot milestone.
  • There are new, craft-only endocrine boosters that further boost your HP, but can only be used at certain xp milestones.
  • Characters created before May 23, 2020 are still on the old health system and can use those 'old endos' as normal, but will be moved to the new HP system upon rerolling.
  • Crafting XP has been completely changed. You now get a chunk of xp for a "first time craft" based on how difficult the game calculates the item you're crafting to be. There's a lot more to this, but that's the short version.
  • Stun resist now caps out at 85% and Brainslug's been lowered to 25% resist.
  • Corporations no longer pay salary out to inactive players.
  • Corporations can also create their own crypto currencies, though currently there's not much to do with them.
  • A few cool new clothes have been added, both to stores and improvised.
  • New boating content and the return of boatmap could be on the horizon.
  • Some new crafted modules have been added for aircrafts.
  • A few new improvised weapons have been added, too.

Previous copy of Current Events (minus the part about picking)

  • 256 character passwords are now possible.
  • Zombie players (not mobs) can be feinted now.
  • Police mobs can now pursue into planes parked in their jurisdiction.
  • Challenges do not tick down when you're offline.
  • Planes can only be built at helipads now.
  • Carebears are totally protected from all PvP; this is enforced by admins. Carebear can only be dropped by rerolling. Lock protection is voided if PvP players are added to CB locks.
  • Dodge IP grinding has changed; it now processes on being hit rather than successfully dodging.
  • You can now grab without specifying a target, and you'll grab whoever you're attacking.